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metric to track automation of GL Entries?

  • 1.  metric to track automation of GL Entries?

    Posted 3 days ago
    I came across the field System CReated Entry on G/L Entry and I'm trying to figure out if we can use this to help track and report on automation of bringing in our G/L Entries

    I found but couldn't get enough from this:

    "On one hand it is simple and clear enough – if g/l entry was not transferred from journal line, there is a check mark in the field. On the other hand – you need to understand how Dynamics NAV works in the lowest level – that documents (orders, invoices, credit memos), batch jobs and possibly various customizations will use journal lines when posting data. Therefore, you would get g/l entries with "System-Create Entry" marked as FALSE, where the system (not user typing in data manually) uses journals for posting routines.
    To summarize: if "System-Created Entry" is set to TRUE, it is definitely created by the system. If "System-Created Entry" is set to FALSE, it is created by the posting which used journal lines (either by user or system)."

    Is anyone else out there using this field or tracking continuous improvement of automating G/L entry postings in some other way?

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