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  • 1.  SMTP Mail Issue

    Posted Feb 07, 2020 03:57 AM


    We are using NAV 2017, all our systems are hosted in Azure and use Azure AD plus MFA for authentication.  We connect to these systems directly over the internet via https and there is no connection to our internal networks form our NAV servers.

    We use Office 365 and our NAV SMTP settings are configured for this.  When users are off-site and bot working on one of our internal networks we often see this error when trying to send email.

    "A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.SMTP.MailHelpers.TryGetEmailAddressFromActiveDirectory failed with this message: The LDAP server is unavailable"

    I did some digging on this and found this:

    "I managed to skip the line in Code397 and it worked.

    CollectCurrentUserEmailAddresses(VAR TempNameValueBuffer : TEMPORARY Record "Name/Value Buffer")

    I made this change in one of our DEV systems and it appears to have resolved the issue but want to be sure there are no other implications of commenting out this line of code.

    I would appreciate it if you could let me have your thoughts on this or other options to resolve this issue.

    Many thanks in anticipation.


    Nick Ward
    Hexagon Metrology Services Ltd.
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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