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GL doesn't match journal entry

  • 1.  GL doesn't match journal entry

    Posted Mar 01, 2019 10:01 AM
    We are using NAV 2017.  There are times when an Assembly order is made and posted and at a later date the Assembly is dismantled and the items are returned to inventory.  We usually can't use "undo" for the assembly because the assembly was posted in a previous accounting month.   We are using FIFO for our inventory.  We use the item journal to positive back in the individual items and negative out the assembly from inventory.  We intentionally use the values for the items that are positive and the value of the assembly that is negative that were used when the assembly was originally posted (value entries).  However, when I look at the GL, the value of the assembly that we negatived from inventory is a different amount than what was in the item journal and the test report. There isn't an adjusting entry; the amount is just different.  Does anybody know why?  Is there any way to make NAV actually use the value in the item journal?

    Thanks for any insight or suggestions you can offer.


    Traci Albosta
    Comitt Well Solutions LLC
    Katy TX

  • 2.  RE: GL doesn't match journal entry

    Posted Mar 01, 2019 05:56 PM
    Several questions...

    1 - Did you set the 'applies-to' or 'applies-from' item ledger entry numbers when doing your adjustments? You might try this to directly connect the transactions.
    2 - Can you determine if the negative entry's cost used the oldest FIFO layer? I've seen that with LIFO or FIFO, it doesn't matter what you put in the item journal for a negative entry's cost, NAV is going to determine the cost of the correct layer and use that.

    Hope this leads to you to an answer.

    Kim Dallefeld
    Dallefeld Consulting, LLC
    Member of Dynamics Consulting Group
    Ft. Worth, TX
    2019 NAVUG Board of Advisors
    Past NAVUG Board Chairman
    NAVUG Programming Committee

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