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    Posted May 14, 2020 09:56 AM

    We are attempting to utilize the NAV 2017 functionality to enables us to operate in paperless environment.  When we post a purchase invoice, an initial review of the vendor invoice is performed and then a electronic copy of the vendor invoice is attached to the entry.  This copy shows up in the Incoming Document Files fact box.

    A second review is desired when payments are made (e.g., checks cut).  However, when utilizing the Payment Journal (whether through Suggested Vendor Payments or an individual vendor payment), the purchase invoice entry that is pulled through to the Payment Journal does not have the electronic invoice attached.

    Is there a way to keep attached files in the Income Documents fact box on posted purchase invoices when the invoices are being selected and reviewed for payment in the Payment Journal?  The fact box is available in the Payment Journal, but the attached files for the selected purchase invoices do not carry over to the Payment Journal. 

    If I wait to attached an electronic copy of the invoice to a purchase invoice entry only when it shows up in the Payment Journal, the attached copy does not "survive" the posting of the payment to be reflected on the specific invoice on the list of vendor ledger entries.  Oddly, the vendor invoice remains attached to the payment entry on the vendor ledger entries, but if multiple invoices are paid, only the first invoice remains attached to the payment entry.

    Joe Weir
    Heron Point Seafood
    Newmarket NH

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