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Picks + Forward/ Location Question

  • 1.  Picks + Forward/ Location Question

    Posted Jan 10, 2020 10:48 AM

    I have a question on Picks and Locations. We have bins activated for our AW Location, but not our CHAR location. We have a garment that was being made in AW with Pick + Forward set for zippers. This garment has started to be produced in the CHAR location as well.


    I've done some testing and noticed that the Pick is ignored when the PO is set for the CHAR location, as expected. We run a transfer and move the zippers to our CHAR location in NAV, and the zippers seem to backflush as expected. Now is the interesting part. When we go to flush, NAV attempts to flush the entire quantity of zippers, regardless if we made the full amount or only 10%.


    For example:

     A PO set to make 300 garments, with one zipper per garment. We cut fabric for 100 garments (NAV is set to flush our components when we cut fabric and only enough components to cover the Finished Good Equivalent). When we flush, NAV tries to flush all 300 zippers. All other components flush as expected (enough to cover 100 garments). Could you help me to understand why this is happening and if there is a work-around for it?

    Lucas Anthony
    Manufacturing System Implementation Administrator
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Picks + Forward/ Location Question

    Posted Jan 13, 2020 10:36 AM
    Have you set the Zipper consumption to 1/3 as a component of that BOM?

    Meenakshi Singh
    Senior Manager, Business Applications
    Home Market Foods, Inc.
    NAVUG Programming Committee

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: Picks + Forward/ Location Question

    Posted Jan 14, 2020 06:12 AM
    Good question.  Based on my understanding of your setup, since you are setup for Pick+Forward as the flushing method, then the system will automatically consume the full quantity at the start of the RPO or start of the operation regardless of output since it is "Forward".

    Nirav Shah
    Solution Architect
    Advanced Jobs, Quality Management and Engineering Change Solutions

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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