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Deferrals for non-profit organizations

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    Posted Mar 08, 2021 05:19 PM
    Edited by Iaroslav Pankovskyi Mar 09, 2021 08:37 AM

    Dear All,
    This post is to invite you to improve Business Central by upvoting an idea around Deferrals. The link to upvote the idea and the related details are below:
    (upvote the idea on Dynamics 365 Application Ideas website:

    Non-profit and other companies selling memberships and similar items require a possibility of starting a deferral not immediately, but, for example, from a new renewal period which can be other than the Posting Date and other options in the "Start Date" Field of the "Deferral Template" Page.

    To address this requirement, it is necessary to add an additional Field on the "Deferral Template" Page, such Field as "Modifier", for instance. This Field should allow Users entering formulas like "1M" or "-1M" and will work based on the "Start Date" Field (depending on the option selected there).

    For example, if the "Start Date" = "Posting Date" and the "Modifier" = 1M, the system will take the date (e.g. on a Sales Invoice), let's say April 1, and will start deferring one month after that (April 1 + 1M = May 1).

    Thank you,


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