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  • 1.  Subcontracting inventory tracking

    Posted Sep 23, 2021 02:21 PM
    We use the Subcontracting worksheet to paint our inventory.  The work is performed a 3rd party company that powder coats.  I want to have the ability to look up items which are currently being powder coated through bin contents.  Our process is to create a Released Production Order, then use the Subcontracting worksheet to create a Purchase Order.  I have a bin created called 'Powder Coat', but I can only pick to our normal production bin.  How do I change the bin so that it is picked to a different bin?  We use directed pick/putaway.

    Jon Laskowski
    Holland MI

  • 2.  RE: Subcontracting inventory tracking

    Posted Sep 24, 2021 08:23 AM
    My understanding is that with Directed Put-away and pick all receipts and production output, etc. can only occur in the bins specified on the Bins tab of the Location card.

    Once inventory is received or output, it can then be moved to another bin by a Put-away transaction.

    Lewis Rosenberg
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    Mars Fishcare
    Chalfont PA
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  • 3.  RE: Subcontracting inventory tracking

    Posted Sep 27, 2021 08:29 AM
    We typically setup sub-contractors with their own production orders and locations, so items can be transferred to and from. This also allows for items to be counted at the subcontractor and consumed/output at the desired locations. When the new location is setup, then it can be a simple location (without warehousing, bins...). You can also setup stockkeeping units for the sub-contractor location to replenish from your parent location and set Component at Location. Additionally, you can set your planning parameters at the SKU level.

    Andrew Good
    Liberty Grove Software
    Oakbrook Terrace IL

  • 4.  RE: Subcontracting inventory tracking

    Posted Sep 28, 2021 10:28 AM
    Jon - to add to Lewis's comment you can use the Warehouse section (which has the same bin options) on Work Centers or Machines to post output (the From-Production Bin) on the last operation of the routing if that would help in your process - this overrides the Location Bins.

    Best Regards

    John Grant
    Senior Application Consultant
    Innovia Consulting

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