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What should I be focused on when moving from NAV2005->BC Cloud?

  • 1.  What should I be focused on when moving from NAV2005->BC Cloud?

    Posted May 11, 2020 12:57 PM
    We are upgrading from NAV2005 to Business Central Cloud.   What should we be focused on when migrating from NAV2005 to BC Cloud?

    Data migration seems to be straightforward.
    Basic setup of BC seems to be straightforward.

    Anyone with experience with tips on taking a client from NAV2005 to BC Cloud would be helpful for everyone at D365UG.

    David Cameron
    Microsoft Financial Consultant
    Templer Group

  • 2.  RE: What should I be focused on when moving from NAV2005->BC Cloud?

    Posted May 12, 2020 03:06 AM
    Edited by Petras Butėnas May 12, 2020 03:08 AM
    Hi David,

    We've been migrating customer databases to BC online, I'd like to share some things to consider:
    1. Speed of migration. We've had less than 0.5 MBps on a very fast connection. So small 2 GB database could take 1.5 hours.
    2. Setup after migration. You will have to setup the new named users, their permissions, ​workflow and D365 for sales data (this will just need to be resetup). Also, you may need more users when moving from concurrent to named, you should be eligible for the MS discount.
    3. Microsoft recommends migrating up to 30 GB per company. If you need to migrate more per company - contact their support.
    4. Upgrade of customizations to an extensions only environment. For custom code - C/AL to AL tool by Microsoft, for standard code - write events, for C/SIDE reports, forms and dataports - Simplanova has automated tools (C/SIDE to AL reports converter and others).
    5. ISV add-ons. If you have any - learn if they have an add-on available as an extension and how they recommend migrating the data. We've seen that some may not have the add-on ready, some may recommend migrating the data manually because the table structure changed but most should be ready by now and provide migration tools.
    6. User training - I'd make sure all users receive relevant training, the user environment will be very different.

    Petras Butenas
    Director North America
    Simplanova | [email protected]

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