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    Posted Dec 06, 2019 12:38 PM
    Hi All,

    Within the location card and under the fast tab, Warehouse, you have the option to create inbound warehouse handling.  I set it as 2D, as in two days.  This is so when we receive our items, it won't be available to book until 2 days later.  We have a lot of product that moves in and out quickly, so this is critical for us.

    Example:  We have 100 cases of Product A set to arrive with an expected receipt date of 1/7/2020.  The avail will show for 100 cases of Product A on 1/7/2020 to book.  We want a 2 day period before it becomes available for our customers to book.  So, in theory, setting 2D (2 days) under Inbound Warehouse Handling will push availability 2 days out to 1/9/2020 for our customers book.  It doesn't seem to work.

    Is there another option for this kind of set up?


    Bradley Schacht
    Clesen Wholesale
    Evanston IL

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