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1.  VAT Statements

Posted 04-21-2017 07:02 AM
I have created a VAT template and am having issues with the row totalling.  I have numbered the rows REV1, REV 2 etc.
I want to row total REV1 to REV23 and am entering REV1..REV23 in the row totalling column and have also entered row totalling in the column "Type".  However it is not adding all the lines in correctly.  It is missing out the data in REV3 .  If I just enter REV1..REV3 it adds them all in! Not all of the REV lines have a value.

Jane Bannister
Procurement International Ltd

2.  RE: VAT Statements

Posted 04-24-2017 07:29 AM
Try renumbering your rows from REV1, REV2, etc. to REV01, REV02, REV03.

The system is treating your numbers "alphabetically".  In other words, REV3 comes after REV2, REV20, REV21, etc.

Mark Keener
Centerville OH

3.  RE: VAT Statements

Posted 04-24-2017 03:37 PM
Jane, this is simply a sort issue. REV1, REV11, REV12, REV20, REV23 are all lower (sort value) than REV3.  Is it too late to change your rows to REV01, REV02, REV21, etc.?  This would allow your filter to work as you expect.

Doyal Logan
Team Member
Quality Precast Company
Seffner, FL