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Custom Design Layout - RDLC Reports

  • 1.  Custom Design Layout - RDLC Reports

    Posted 6 days ago

    In MS Dynamics NAV 2015 I need to make some adjustments to the Voucher payment report before sending it out to vendors. I am receiving this error message when importing my changes: What does this message mean and how do I fix? Thank you.

    Heather Joseph, CMA, CSCA
    Bakery de France
    Rockville MD

  • 2.  RE: Custom Design Layout - RDLC Reports

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Heather,

    That message makes the answer confusing but its a mostly annoying issue. I'm guessing you downloaded the newest version of Report Designer from Microsoft to make your updates? Its not overly common but in a couple release cycles the actual XML generated in there has changed which is the case in the newest release vs what 2015 is expecting. 2 routes depending on your technical chops!

    1. Download a text compare tool (WinMerge is my go to) and compare the old version and new, I can't remember what the exact difference is in this version but your changes should be fairly obvious then there will be extra XML tags that need to be removed for it to be valid. Not a fun path but I just recently did this for the same situation.
    2. Get an older version of Report Designer installed and re-do your changes to upload.

    Note: It says you need to update the report just because it can tell that it can't read and use the report design loaded.

    Spencer Coulter
    Director, Business Applications

    D: 515.281.9248 F: 515.471.5261

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