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Topic: New Website Functionality: Tag Discussion Threads

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1.  New Website Functionality: Tag Discussion Threads

Posted 04-18-2017 18:36
Edited by Marghet Hager 05-04-2017 08:30

I am happy to announce that you can now tag discussion threads! You can tag a post that starts a new discussion thread with relevant version/product, role, or industry tags – just like a webinar or a blog. This will allow for the content of the posts to be more easily categorized and show up in tagged searches.

You can tag a post in two ways:

  1. When you start a new post, you will now see a field where you can 'Add a tag' below the message box and above the signature, orWwUJVveOQbKC0hUACknm_NAVUG_addatag.png

  2. If you have already created and sent your post to the forum, you can add a tag next to the little tag icon. Press 'Add a tag' and you can view the list of tags to search from or start typing a term to find a tag.Mq1REmHFTOSeTcpkHxnv_NAVUG_TagPost.png

You can add or remove tags threads that you have started at any time. To remove a tag, simply press the 'x' button next to it. Other NAVUG users who reply on your thread cannot add or remove tags.7UXWtwIoRZeVCffxFIuB_remove_tag.png

After you tag a discussion, the tag will show up in the discussion lists allowing users to quickly ascertain the content of the thread.3AzaM61yQlOgig67TNRo_NAVUG_DiscussionPost.png

Also when a user searches on that tag, your discussion will now show up in the results.


We have matched the tags to our current ones being used on the site. We hope that you will enjoy using this new feature, and please feel free to leave feedback on this post!

Marghet Hager
Member Community Manager, NAVUG
Dynamic Communities