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1.  Charge Logic on Mobile

Posted 8 days ago
Hi Everyone,

I am working on a project that will involve using CC authorization over mobile devices. Has anyone integrated Charge Logic or another processing solution with mobile which pulls existing SO amounts from NAV and then runs the authorized amount as an invoice to the SO? We know how to allow users access to pull SO details from a SOAP call to verify/edit quantities and prices, but are running into difficulty with the CC authorization piece (Charge Logic has only given us details on mobile processing that cannot access existing NAV SOs).

I appreciate any input.

Alex Wiley
Denver CO

2.  RE: Charge Logic on Mobile

Posted 5 days ago

If you want to receive CC payments against existing SO or Invoices, and even Statements, you might consider the ChargeLogic Click-to-Pay product.    We are looking at it now as well, the customer revives and emailed copy of their SO/INV/Statment, and they click through to hosted website where they complete the CC transaction on a ChargeLogic hosted site -- It should be mobile friendly -- It better be.  ;-)

Is there someone else already using Click-to-pay now, in this way to permit mobile CC payments against existing SO's or Invoices?

Bob Stahr
Director ITS
Sunrise Identity
Bellevue WA