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Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

  • 1.  Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-16-2018 12:45 PM
    We have an item that we currently have all of the units of measure set to "LF".  We purchase it in 8000 ft rolls.  We have the rounding precision set to 1, because our inventory manager doesn't like having fractional quantities of inventory.  We rarely use even LF of the item on a production order.  Frequently we are consuming in NAV 8" or 9" more than we are actually using.  Our inventory is always off.  I think we would be best to consume it in inches instead of feet.  Is it possible to change unit of measure now?  Any recommendations on how to solve our issue?  Keep in mind we have several Prod. BOMs that contain this item as a component.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Chlebowski
    Systems Manager
    Trachte Building Systems
    Sun Prairie WI

  • 2.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-16-2018 02:53 PM
    Hi Kelly!

    One way to tackle this would be to do the following:
    1. Post a negative adjustment to get to 0 inventory.
    2. Change the unit of measure at this point.
    3. Post a positive adjustment changing over to the new unit of measure.

    Open orders, invoices, and other pending documents will throw a wrench into you plan. Also make sure to update BOMs, pricing, etc. You should go through all open documents and make sure the unit of measure is changed.

    Also keep in mind this will mess with any historical reporting, as you'll no longer be looking at an apples to apples comparison.

    Another option would be to block the item in use and set up a new one. I'm curious to see what others have to say!

    Hope that helps!

    Adam Greco
    Katadyn Desalination
    Petaluma CA

  • 3.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-16-2018 11:02 PM
    Hi, Kelly.

    You can't change an item's base unit of measure once a ledger entry has posted against it.  What you can do is add a unit of measure conversion to the item card, with a conversion of 1/12 of a base unit "LF" per new unit "LI".  Then you can modify your bills of material to use this new unit.

    If you don't want to use a unit of measure conversion, your only remaining option is to retire the original item number and create a new one with the new base unit of measure "LF".

    Aaron Brown
    Director of Finance
    Oregon Ice Cream
    Camas WA

  • 4.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-17-2018 10:37 AM
    At least as recently as NAV 2017 (where I tested this,) you are able to change the Base Unit of Measure on an item as long as there are no open ledger entries for the item.

    However, I am not recommending you do change a base unit of measure. I would think very seriously about it and test like crazy. There could be many and far reaching ramifications of this type of change and some not known until further down the line.

    Cynthia Priebe, MCTS, DCP
    Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager
    Liberty Grove Software

  • 5.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-17-2018 03:54 PM
    Change your rounding 5 decimals and use .75, .66667, etc. You will have less of a problem.  Nice thing in NAV is you can do the math in the field (8.5/12), so no calculators.

    Ron Ketterling
    Business Automation Specialists of MN, Inc.
    Minneapolis MN

  • 6.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-18-2018 10:36 AM
    Hi Kelly,
    Others have mentioned the basic process - remove all stock, make the change, add back stock.  We did some of this recently and it took a long time to complete due to open transfers orders.  In our case, we had multiple UOM codes with the same quantity, and needed to remove the duplicates.

    Here is a checklist we came up with for things to check or change alongside the UOM change.

    - Review Cross Reference Table

    - Review Pricing (Sales and Purchase)

    - Fix Sales Orders and Warehouse Shipments

    - Fix Purchase Orders


    --- Remove bin contents with Warehouse Journal

    --- Post to Item Journal to remove $ value

    --- Change assigned Bin Content UOM Code?

    --- Change Base UOM code to new code

    --- Add back bin contents with new UOM code

    --- Add back $ value in Item Journal

    - Check/Fix fields on Item Card: Purchase UOM, Sales UOM, Put Away UOM

    - Check/Fix SKU Cards: Put Away UOM

    - Check/Fix PUCs

    - Delete additional UOM (may break Item Journal - Calc. Whse. Adjustment)

    - Review EDI Translations 

    - Convert Assembly BOMs to appropriate UoM

    Eric Moe
    Global Supply Chain Manager
    Industrial Revolution
    Tukwila WA

  • 7.  RE: Changing an Item's Unit of Measure

    Posted 05-18-2018 12:02 PM
    Hi Kelly,

    A lot of what I have to add has been mentioned already, but conversations like these get me animated so I thought I'd chime in.

    Changing UoMs is possible and is sometimes the right approach, but in this case you won't gain much over creating a new item. Because the quantity of the new UoM is so different from the old, you lose (most) historical reporting ability, which is really the main reason to consider changing the units versus creating a new number.

    Here's what I'd do in your shoes:

    • Rename the existing item number by adding an "LF" suffix. This will update all BOMs, document history, ledger entries (on-hand), prod orders, outstanding POs, etc., to the new number.
    • Create a new item with the old item number and new UoM.
    • Create a simple production order (or assembly order) to consume the LF item and output the new item.
      • I prefer this over negative/positive adjustments, as it creates better a more intuitive link between the two items, and allows any future cost adjustments on the LF item to flow through to the new item, such as for any POs you have for the "LF" that are received but not invoiced.
    • Use the "Exchange Production BOM Item" batch job to replace the "LF" item with the new item number - that allows you to convert the quantity at the same time.

    Open POs, production orders, etc., would still reference the "LF" item number, but you can manage those on the fly or manually locate and update them all at once, whatever you prefer.

    - Mark

    Mark Hamblin
    Insight Works
    Edmonton AB