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    Posted Dec 01, 2017 08:39 AM

    Freeze Pane

    Using the freeze pane on list view's is a quick add to any list.  Simply right click on the column header and select choose columns.  To the right of the Show columns in this order:  you will see add freeze pane.  Click on the Add Freeze Pane icon to add it to your columns and place it after the columns you want frozen when you scroll

    Real Estate in NAV

    To increase the amount of space on your screen in NAV you can hide the Ribbon using Ctrl + F1; you can hide the Fact boxes using Alt + F2; You will use the same combinations to reverse the process

    Aero Snap desktop windows

    One of the most appealing aspects of Windows 8 and above touch-friendly side is its ability to "Snap" multiple open apps side-by-side.  The feature comes in very handy on the desktop as well if you need to start multitasking.  Simply click and open window and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen to automatically resize it to fill that half of the desktop.  Dragging a window to the top edge expands it to full screen.

    If you're more into keyboard commands, windows key + left arrow, Windows key + right arrow, and Windows key + up arrow snaps the selected window in the same manner.

    DIY keyboard shortcuts

    Windows has a ton of keyboard shortcuts baked right in, but you can roll your own to open the software of your choice lickety-split-no mouse-clicking or launcher-hunting required.

    Right-click the program's launch icon and select Properties.  Open the Shortcut tab, then click in the "Shortcut key" field and press the key you want to use to launch the program.  Windows will assign Ctrl + Alt + <key of your choice> as a keyboard shortcut to open the program.  It's a seriously useful trick, especially if you don't want to stuff your taskbar full of quick-launch program icons.  Don't forget to click OK when you're done to save the shortcut.

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