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1.  Automating Sales Orders from Blanket Sales Orders

Posted 4 days ago
We are in the process of moving from NAV 2009 to NAV 2017. As part of the transition, we would like to make better use of Blanket Sales Orders. Is there functionality to automate the creation of the new Sales Orders -- as opposed to having to open the Blanket Order and individually create each Sales Order from there? We receive our data through an EDI feed and are hoping to make this process less manual than it already is.

Kelly Jackson
ERP Administrator
Simms Fishing Products
Bozeman MT

2.  RE: Automating Sales Orders from Blanket Sales Orders

Posted 2 days ago
​Hi Kelly,

EDI is not standard functionality in NAV, but there are several add-ons. Lanham's EDI is probably the first and foremost used, but it can be a bit of overkill for low volumes.

We have only 1 trading partner so I opted to simply get an XML file from our VAR, TrueCommerce, and I use that to create/update POs (we're using it on the vendor side, not customer).

I have 2 XML ports. One to export the POs into the intermediate XML format, and the other to read the XML file from TrueCommerce which will then create/update Purchase Invoices in NAV.

It took a little bit of effort, but not that much.

If you have a lot of customers using EDI, with a lot of requirements, Lanham's may be a better solution.

Val Gameiro
Senior NAV Analyst
BPL Plasma Inc.
Austin, Texas
NAVUG Austin Chapter Leader