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1.  Quick Tip

Posted 9 days ago
​As everyone knows you cannot put a Saved View on someone else's role center unless you are a configurator or make a view global unless you are a developer.  Here is the next best thing to that.

Go into a saved view you already have or go into a list screen and set some filters.  You can even set dynamic filters such as ..Today+1D or %MyCustomers%. When you are done, go to the down arrow in upper left, Page, Copy Link to Page.

Paste the link into an email, word or excel document and send to a co-worker.

When they click on the link it will open the same page with the same filters already set.  They can then choose columns, set their own sort, set a freeze pane etc...  Then they can save the view like they normally would.

This may not seem like a big deal but it comes in super handy from time to time!

Jason Wilder
Senior Application Developer
Stonewall Kitchen
York ME

2.  RE: Quick Tip

Posted 9 days ago
​Awesome tip!   Thanks for sharing.

Lewis Rosenberg
IT Manager
Mars Fishcare
Chalfont PA

NAVUG Board of Advisors, Programming
NAVUG Programming Committee
NAVUG Membership Committee

3.  RE: Quick Tip

Posted 6 days ago
I agree, great tip! We use this method from time to time to share saved views and it makes it much easier.

One thing I have found you need to watch out for is that special date filters such as "..t" get resolved to a specific date (i.e. "..8/14/17" rather than "..t") when you Copy Link to Page so the user will need to reenter the special date filters on the saved view.

Jonathan Kleist
NAV Administrator
Gustavo Preston
Chelmsford MA