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DynamicsPro Credentialing, powered by NAVUG, is your chance to test your knowledge on Dynamics NAV.

DynamicsPro Credentialing was developed by a group of Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and user experts who created relevant and valuable Dynamics NAV exams. Upon passing an exam, you will join an elite group of Dynamics Credentialed Professionals.

Dynamics Credentialed Professionals receive:

  • The official Dynamics Credentialed Professional mark to be used in e-mail signatures, social media, blogs, etc.
  • A certificate acknowledging achievement of being a Dynamics Credentialed Professional.
  • Exams are offered online and at Dynamic Communities conferences
  • The exams consist of 75 multiple choice questions
  • Each question on the exam has been created and reviewed by the NAV exam committee, with the guidance of the credentialing council
  • An in-depth cut score process is used to set the passing score which varies between each exam

Credentialing Exams

Exams available online at the date & time you request.

NAV Core Application Setup

NAV Core Development

Credentialing Levels

The goal of the Dynamics Professionals certification process has been to make the certifications more valuable, practical, and meaningful in the marketplace. In addition to testing on specific product and domain knowledge, multiple levels of credentials will allow Dynamics professionals to differentiate themselves in the market through depth of knowledge and demonstrated real-world experience.

Core Credentialing
Advanced Credentialing
Master Credentialing



Credentialed Professionals

Dynamics NAV Credentialed Professionals represent an elite group of NAV Administrators and Super Users who have completed Dynamics NAV Certificate exams. Congratulations to our Dynamics Credentialed Professionals!

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Recorded Credentialing Webinars

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Credentialing Council

The Credentialing Council is the most senior leadership body made up entirely of members. It provides oversight and strategic guidance for nearly all aspects of the credentialing process.

The DynamicsPro Credentialing Council for 2017:

Mark Brummel, Liberty Grove, Council Chair
Mariano Gomez, Mekorma, Vice Chair
Belinda Allen, Njevity, Advisor
Lorna Link, InterDyn BMI
Kerry Rosvold, New View Strategies
Mark Ward, ArcherPoint
Lori Biondo, Independent
David Musgrave, Winthrop Development Consultants
Peik Bech-Andersen, Agidon A/S

Exam Committee

Working with the oversight of the Credentialing Council, the Exam Committee has product-specific responsibility for setting exam specifications as well as developing and maintaining the pool of exam items and the exams themselves.

Mark Ward, ArcherPoint, Committee Chair
Kerry Rosvold, Independent, Vice Chair
AJ Ansari, InterDyn BMI
Matt Traxinger, ArcherPoint
Cindy Priebe, Liberty Grove Software
Ian Piddington
Kim Congleton, LIDD, Inc.
Michel de Ruijter, Mprise