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GDPR: What is it and How it Impacts Your Company

Feb 18, 2018

This recording presents an overview of this EU regulation, the keys parts of the regulation, and addresses some of the common misconceptions around GDPR…

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Create More Capacity

Create More Capacity Without Adding More People

May 30, 2018

We talk abouot doing more with less, but is it really possible? This recording discusses ways to build capacity within your organization without adding people​…

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NAVigating Year-End: Improve Performance & Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting


88 Keyboard Shortcuts: An Overview or Keyboard Shortcuts that are Essential to Have Up Your Sleeve

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  • ​Do you Tweet?   We always encourage #BCUG #NAVUG community members to pay it forward, share knowledge and information. All those hashtags can be helpful, but they also can be challenging for our large ...


  • User Group Summit NA 2019

    User Group Summit North America

    October 13-18, 2019
    Orlando, FLVisit Website

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