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Azure Functions for D365 Bus Devs

Azure Functions for Dynamics 365 Business Central Devs

March, 2020


Azure Functions are a fundamental building block for creating serverless business processes in the cloud…

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Its 2020! Have you thought about Upgrading and When?

Its 2020! Have you thought about Upgrading and When?

February, 2020


Every NAV/Business Central user faces the same decision. Why should we upgrade and when is the best time? Attend this informative session where NAVUG All-Stars…

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NAVigating Year-End: Improve Performance & Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting


88 Keyboard Shortcuts: An Overview or Keyboard Shortcuts that are Essential to Have Up Your Sleeve

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    Now that User Group Summit 2018 has come and gone, this blog may be a little late, but still may be useful the next time you are traveling (User Group Focus?).  I had a long trip from Philadelphia to Phoenix ...

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