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In an effort to maintain the professional standards of Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation, deployment, and ongoing administration practices, Dynamics Credentialed Professionals, powered by NAVUG, have developed a series of credentialing exams. Upon passing an exam, you will join an elite group of Dynamics Credentialed Professionals who demonstrate the highest knowledge of and expertise regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

As a Dynamics Credentialed Professionals you will:

  • Be granted the right to use the official Dynamics Credentialed Professional mark for e-mail signatures, social media, blogs, etc.
  • Receive a certificate acknowledging your DCP achievement
  • See your name and picture published on the NAVUG website indicating your credential
  • Have your certification maintained for 2 full years

Credentialing Levels

The goal of the Dynamics Professionals credentialing process has been to make the certifications more valuable, practical, and meaningful in the marketplace. In addition to testing on specific product and domain knowledge, multiple levels of credentials will allow Dynamics professionals to differentiate themselves in the market through depth of knowledge and demonstrated real-world experience.

Core Credentialing Certification

  • Tests a general knowledge of the Dynamics product and domain it covers
  • One Core Technical and one Core Functional exam will be offered for each Dynamics product

Advanced Credentialing Certification

  • Tests depth of knowledge of particular functional or technical areas of the Dynamics product
  • Multiple core certifications completes qualification for an Advanced Certification

Credentialing Exam Details

  • Exams are professionally proctored online anytime or in person at select events
  • The exams consist of 75 multiple choice questions
  • Each question on the exam has been created and reviewed by the GP exam committee with the guidance of the credentialing council
  • An in-depth cut score process is used to set the passing score which varies between each exam

NAV Core Exams

Development Exam Details

    • Object Designer Basics
    • Object Ranges
  2. TABLES (20%)
    • Table types and characteristics
    • Fields and data types
    • Keys and indexes
    • SIFT
  3. PAGES (10%)
    • Page types and characteristics
  4. C/AL (40%)
    • Syntax
    • Statements
    • Functions
  5. REPORTS (11%)
    • Processing only
    • Data sets
    • RDLC
  6. XMLPORTS (3%)
  7. CODEUNITS (6%)
  8. QUERIES (3%)
  9. MENUSUITES (1%)

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

Application Setup Exam Details

    • RapidStart
    • Configuration of Profiles and Role Centres
    • Personalization
  2. SECURITY (10%)
    • Authentication
    • Permission sets
  3. SYSTEM SETUP (20%)
    • Company creation
    • Number series
    • Trail codes
    • Printer and report selection
    • Change log
    • Dimensions
    • Chart of accounts
    • Accounting periods
    • Posting groups
    • Journal batches
    • Sales and receivables
    • Purchases and payables
    • Inventory
    • Cash management
    • Opening balances

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

Financials Exam Details

  1. PURCHASE & SALES (20%)
  2. FIXED ASSETS (11%)
  5. CASH (11%)
  6. JOURNALS (15%)
  7. INVENTORY (5%)

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

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  • Credentialed Professionals

    Dynamics NAV Credentialed Professionals represent an elite group of NAV Administrators and Super Users who have completed Dynamics NAV Certificate exams. Congratulations to our Dynamics Credentialed Professionals!

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    Exam Committee

    Working with the oversight of the Credentialing Council, the Exam Committee has product-specific responsibility for setting exam specifications as well as developing and maintaining the pool of exam items and the exams themselves.

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    Credentialing Council

    The Credentialing Council is the most senior leadership body made up entirely of members. It provides oversight and strategic guidance for nearly all aspects of the credentialing process.

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