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Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Tools You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

May 08, 2018


Learn about three Microsoft tools to help increase efficiency, effectiveness and team connectedness...

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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Part 1: What is Fixed Assets all About?

May 24, 2018


Fixed Assets isn’t just an accounting term, it is a management system that will allow you to gain better insight for your decision making processes by…

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First NAV PowerApp

Build Your First NAV PowerApp in 60 Minutes

Jun 20, 2018


Learn how to connect NAV to PowerApps, and then create your first app that can read and update in NAV. It may seem intimidating, but after watching this recording…

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GDPR: What is it and How it Impacts Your Company

Feb 18, 2018


This recording presents an overview of this EU regulation, the keys parts of the regulation, and addresses some of the common misconceptions around GDPR…

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  • Presented by: @Reza Rad The composite model enables you to have huge tables as a DirectQuery source, and some other smaller tables as in import mode. When we talk about huge tables, performance is ...

  • Presented by @David Wiser Presented by @Mark Rhodes Presented by @Janelle Riley New for BCUG/NAVUG Summit North America 2019 are ‘track previews’. During these virtual sessions we will feature the ...

  • Presented by @Andrea Riviezzo Presented by @Kim Dallefeld Presented by @Kelly Roselyne Presented by @Robb Delprado Presented by @Michael Carr Presented by @Cynthia Priebe MCP, DCP Presented ...

  • Presented by @Josh Standard Presented by @Kate Pinyan Presented by @Lorren Zemke Presented by @Richard Lee Presented by @Bob Monio New for BCUG/NAVUG Summit North America 2019 are ‘track previews’. ...

  • Presented by @Matt Traxinger Presented by @Saurav Dhyani Presented by @David Kaupp Presented by @Kim Congleton Presented by @Jason Wilder New for BCUG/NAVUG Summit North America 2019 are ‘track ...