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Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Tools You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

May 08, 2018


Learn about three Microsoft tools to help increase efficiency, effectiveness and team connectedness...

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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Part 1: What is Fixed Assets all About?

May 24, 2018


Fixed Assets isn’t just an accounting term, it is a management system that will allow you to gain better insight for your decision making processes by…

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First NAV PowerApp

Build Your First NAV PowerApp in 60 Minutes

Jun 20, 2018


Learn how to connect NAV to PowerApps, and then create your first app that can read and update in NAV. It may seem intimidating, but after watching this recording…

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GDPR: What is it and How it Impacts Your Company

Feb 18, 2018


This recording presents an overview of this EU regulation, the keys parts of the regulation, and addresses some of the common misconceptions around GDPR…

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  • Presented by Presented by How do you plan optimal inventory levels for thousands of items when demand is intermittent? Having seemingly random, sporadic demand is the worst case scenario for forecasting ...

  • Presented by: @Kassandra Fredrickson and @Sue Whitney Attend this one hour webinar to find out how you can make the most of your Power Platform Membership. We’ll review how to register for free webinars, ...

  • Presented by Is your CRM system not giving you the results you want? Are your sales people fighting it? You are not alone. Companies focus more on the set up versus the strategy and rules of the game. ...

  • Presented by Defensive programming? It's not calling someone names when they say your code stinks. It's an idea based on defensive driving - with defensive programming, the main idea is that if a ...

  • Presented by Of course, the salesperson said that you could get everything you needed out of Jet Reports. But now you're live and people are confused. You have SQL skills, but NAV's way of working ...